We are conscious of

the reality in which we live.

Kora Green City is one of the few accommodations where you can reduce your carbon footprint while you sleep. Those who follow a sustainable lifestyle choose Kora when they travel.

Conscious hospitality is our ethos, making us the largest Passivhaus accommodation in Europe and one of the most sustainable in the world.


    The Passivhaus standard is a demanding and prestigious building certification to ensure maximum comfort, optimum air quality and near-zero energy consumption. At Kora Green City we have reduced the carbon footprint to a minimum, from the ground up, and made staying in here an experience in itself.


    At Kora Green City we have reduced the building’s energy consumption by 76%. Thanks to these savings, we prevent 164 tonnes of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere each year, which is the equivalent of about 1050 trees planted each season. Imagine the forest that would sprout in just 10 years… All thanks to the use of renewable energies.


    At Kora Green City we prefer 100% clean energy and we use the sun to create our own electricity. Annually we produce 11 MWh through photovoltaic panels installed on our rooftop.


    Imagine your peace of mind knowing that the Earth itself heats your apartment. We use a system of 18 boreholes at a depth of 150 metres to heat water with energy from inside the Earth’s core. The water is then filtered through the underfloor heating in the studios and flats, allowing us to heat the entire building quickly and virtually without waste.


    Thanks to our aerothermal system we are able to heat the water with which you take a shower. How? By exchanging the air inside and the temperature of the air outside with a high efficiency heat pump. Science fiction? No, cutting-edge technology.


    Lifts that generate their own energy? That´s right! At Kora Green City even the lifts are designed to create their own energy. It is the small details that make the difference.


    The air quality inside Kora Green City is optimal thanks to a system of filters installed in the ventilation. The air you breathe at Kora is as fresh and clean as the surrounding natural landscapes.

    We also made the ventilation speed 50% slower than typical in most building designs — enhancing your comfort. No detail is too small, and at Kora Green City, we’re all about the details.


    Getting a good night’s sleep in our flats is easy. We have a triple-window system to reduce noise pollution from outside to practically zero. During your stay with us, count on a noise-free oasis.


    We are a paperless company, generating few physical documents. Most of our processes are online, including self-check-in and reservations, plus we have digital screens that provide guests with general information. And if we absolutely must use paper, we recycle it!


    Our amenities, such as shower gels and shampoos, are ecological, refillable and vegan. Get clean in the shower — be clean with the planet.

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    0 WASTE

    At Kora Green City, we have free water points in the common areas with specific filtering systems and single-use plastic-free containers.


    We are zip code 01004. Las Desamparadas neighbourhood. We promote gastronomy, hotels and shops that surrounds Kora Green City. In addition, we prioritise the hiring of local staff and collaborators.


    At Kora Green City, we do our best to avoid single-use packaging and offer our guests reusable bottles. Every little bit counts.