Visita guiada por la Catadral de santa María


Enjoying Easter in Vitoria is a window full of opportunities. Apart from the annual processions scheduled in the city, at Kora Green City we have prepared an exclusive agenda with the best cultural and gastronomic plans for you to get to know Vitoria from its most local roots. Don’t look in any other guide, because they have been created exclusively for you, dear traveller in Kora Green City. We want you to discover the Basque capital with your family, alone or as a couple, through the eyes of a local.

#1 Tour of the Old Town and lunch in a Basque gastronomic society

A gastronomic society or txoko is a corner dedicated to the pleasures of good food, which remains hidden from most tourists. For a Basque, it is more sacred than the tree of Gernika. They are private gastronomic societies where we gather to cook, celebrate among friends, debate, discuss, share experiences, have long conversations or play mus until the end of the day.

At Kora Green City we have organised a tour of the city for Maundy Thursday that will end with a “hamaiketako” (aperitif) at the Landatxo gastronomic society. Ibai, our local guide, will explain the history of Vitoria and will tell you what a txoko is, how they work, how their members are organised… The experience will end with a tasting of an aperitif with local flavours (txakolí, cheese, sausage… ).

  • When: Holy Thursday from 11.00 am to 1.15 pm.
  • Price: free tour, free of charge (voluntary contribution to the guide).

Call us and sign up at reception in advance (limited places).

Tel: +34 945 21 53 33


#2 Gatrotour EAT VITORIA: pintxos with a local guide

Can you imagine travelling to a place, meeting up with a friend and having him discover the best places to go out for pintxos in the city? The friend is Ibai (our local guide) and the experience is called Eat Vitoria. It is a unique tour in Vitoria exclusive for all of you staying at Kora Green City.

It is a free activity that will take place on Good Friday. The visit includes a tour of the pintxo bars and the most typical bars in the city. Along the way there are stops at the most historic places in Vitoria, where Ibai will tell you about the city through its most amusing anecdotes, jokes and events that only locals know about.

  • Good Friday from 20.00 to 22.00.

Call us and sign up at reception in advance (limited places).

Tel: +34 945 21 53 33


#3 ROOFTOP VERMOUTH: Kora Green City Rooftop Tour

Our roof terrace offers the best views of Vitoria. And we couldn’t think of a better place to have a vermouth at midday. Then we thought… What if we called the best guide for our customers to discover the city at a glance while they enjoy it? Et voilá… that’s how our Rooftop Vermouth came about, thanks to Arturo, Guiartu Experiencias turísticas.

Incredible views and amazing stories await you. Free for our customers with direct booking through the web or reception. Where? On our roof terrace.

  • Holy Saturday from 20.00 to 22.00.

In the following link you have all the information.


#4 VITORIA BIKE EXPERIENCE: Bicycle tour for groups and families through the most local Vitoria

The Green Capital is perfect to discover it by bike. And the best tour is the one we propose you with Guiartu (partner of Kora Green City). It will take you to places where no other tourist goes. Vitoria is much more than the Old Town and the city centre. This experience includes cemeteries, murals, workers’ neighbourhoods with stories closely linked to the struggle for workers’ rights, self-managed areas, natural parks and urban mountains.


#5 Guided tour of the Old Cathedral

An obligatory stop in Vitoria-Gasteiz. The Cathedral of Santa María is famous for being an architectural rarity that stands in the old part of the city. It has inspired Ken Follet to write his novels. Popularly known as the Old Cathedral, it is a 13th-century Gothic-style temple, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and is also one of the most fascinating places in the capital of Alava.

We recommend climbing the bell tower for spectacular views of the historic centre. You must book in advance by telephone or through the website of the Vitoria Cathedral Foundation.


Visita guiada por la Catadral de santa María

#6 Views at sunset from Mount Olarizu

Mount Olarizu, in the Vitoria Green Belt (natural landscapes that embrace the city of Vitoria and can be explored on foot or by bicycle), is just five kilometres from the city centre, on the southern edge of Vitoria. Its summit offers a natural viewpoint with a spectacular view of Vitoria and its surroundings, with Mount Gorbea in the background. It is especially magical at sunset, when the city lights begin to come on.

The two most common routes start from the Campas de Olarizu. If you go with children or people who are not very fit, we recommend the side path that starts at the Casa de la Dehesa. This route is uncomplicated and takes about 45 minutes to climb from Kora Green City.

#7 A family afternoon at the ice rink

Going to the skating rink at the Bahk Sports Centre is one of the best things to do in Vitoria with children, as it’s a fun activity suitable for all ages. Check the sports centre’s public sessions calendar to make sure it is open, as opening times vary. There is a restaurant and cafeteria on site to recharge your batteries.

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